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Closet Secrets part 2

October 30, 2012

John stayed in his room that evening for as long as he could. He sat on the bed, staring at the clock. His foot tapped the floor fast and furious. He felt sick with nerves, but there was a hint of excitement, too. This was the last night he would have to be scared. This was the last night his mom had to be scared. He just had to get through this night.

At 9:30 John quietly went downstairs to the kitchen. His mom was already in bed, and his dad was in the living room watching television and drinking, his usual routine. John slowly turned the lock on the door, praying his dad would not hear the click it made. The television was pretty loud, so he knew he should be safe enough. After unlocking the door, he just stood there, not sure what to do next. Josh had told him to be with his dad at ten. He hadn’t bothered to ask if he had to be in the same room, or just to be home.

“Idiot.” He scolded himself. “Of course he means the same room.”

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he walked quietly into the living room. His dad didn’t even look his way as he sat on the sofa opposite his dad. John pretended to watch the television and just sat quietly. Every minute seemed an hour and he jumped at every little noise. His heart was hammering in his chest, and he thought he might have a heart attack before Josh arrived. He hoped his dad would just keep ignoring him.

Maybe this is wrong. Maybe I should stop it before it happens, John thought. No! He mentally screamed at himself. Don’t even think it. It’s too late, anyway.

At that moment, he heard the door open. He quickly glanced at his dad to see if he had heard it, too. His dad just sat there, guzzling beer and staring at the television, lost in whatever hell he lived in. John had a clear view of the entry between the kitchen and living room from where he sat, and his stared at that spot and waited. He couldn’t even breathe. When Josh came into view he suddenly realized he had forgotten to ask a very important question. Josh had told him to distract his dad. What was he supposed to do? What did he mean, exactly? Why had he not asked more questions?

As Josh slowly walked towards them, John almost froze. How could his dad not see him approaching? In another few steps Josh would be in view and his dad would have plenty of time to react.

That’s why I need to distract him! John thought suddenly. He jumped up and walked in front of the television to get his dad’s attention. He tried to talk, but his throat felt completely dry and no sound came out. His dad raised his eyes to meet John’s own terrified eyes. There was a look of confusion in those eyes at first, as if he had just realized John was in the room. The confusion turned to the slow burn of anger that John recognized. His fear grew as his dad stood up. At this point, John realized Josh was right behind his dad. He had a huge grin on his face that was both terrorizing and comforting. Josh was in control. John expected him to do something, but Josh just stood there, grinning like a mad man.

“What the hell are you doing?” His dad asked.

John’s eyes darted from Josh to his dad. Why didn’t Josh do something? What the hell was he waiting for?

“I was just…” John scrambled for something to say. “I thought we could talk.”

“You thought wrong. Go away, I’m too tired for this tonight.”

John was at a complete loss. He had no idea what to do now. He couldn’t think of a thing to say, and Josh still just stood there with that grin on his face. What was he supposed to do now?

“Did you think we would go hit a few balls together in the dark? Is that was the bat is for?” His dad said. He still had that deadly glower in his eyes.

John was taken by surprise. “Bat? What are you …”

He looked down and saw he was holding his old baseball bat that had been sitting in his closet for years. How had that happened? He had no memory of picking it up.

“I don’t…remember.” He stammered, still staring at the bat.

His dad laughed. “Maybe you thought to threaten me with it? Is that it?”

“No!” John screamed. He tried to drop the bat, but somehow could not let go of it.

Josh started waving his arms wildly and hopping up and down. John stared open mouthed at him. What was he doing? Why had his dad not noticed him yet? How could he not notice? He couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Do something, Josh!” He yelled, looking over his dad’s shoulder at Josh.

His dad whirled around at that, leading with his fist. John saw his fist connect with Josh’s face and heard the crunch. John felt dizzy and sick and things went slightly out of focus. Somehow, Josh stayed on his feet and kept his head, though. He held his hand out towards him and John immediately knew he wanted the bat. John threw it and Josh caught it just before another punch caught him in the stomach. Again, John felt as if he might pass out, but kept himself upright. When things came into focus again, he saw Josh swinging the bat. His dad tried to jump out of the way, but was too slow. The bat clipped his forehead and popped his head back cruelly. Without hesitating, Josh dove in, the bat swinging wildly. John watched in horror as the bat smashed his dad’s chest, arms, legs and finally a killing blow to the head. Blood splattered on that one and he felt the warm drops on his face. He watched as the expression on his dad’s face grew vacant and slack. He fell to the floor and remained still, eyes staring at nothing. John knew he was dead. His dad was dead.

John saw the bloodied bat on the floor next to his feet and looked around for Josh. Josh was gone. John ran through the house looking for him, but he was gone. Josh had just left him like this! What was he going to do now?

In his own terror, he hadn’t noticed his mom standing in a corner of the living room. She had her hand over her mouth and was very white. Her eyes were wide and terror filled. For a long time she stood like that, just staring at her dead husband on the floor. Then, she bent over and vomited. John couldn’t move. He watched her being sick and couldn’t move. He just kept thinking over and over that she had seen the whole thing. His mom had watched this and knew who did it! John felt weak and dizzy. He fell to the floor and everything went black.


How will this end?  Stay tuned.






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